Strength Training

Strength training is one of our specialties at Spartan. We train several strongmen and strongwomen and have produced a number of athletes currently dominating the strength scene in both the UK and internationally, including Britain’s Strongest Man u105kg.

We have also worked with fighters, powerlifting, olympic weightlifters, footballers and other athletes to improve their power and performance in their field. Regardless of your sport or goals, we can work with you to increase your strength.

Training Equipment:

We have one of the best collections of equipment in the UK.

  • XX x power racks
  • 2 x freestanding racks for squatting or pressing
  • Height adjustable jerk boxes
  • Several lifting platforms
  • Male and female olympic barbells
  • & much more

Workshops and Training:

We run regular workshops and technique sessions on various elements of strength training. These harness a wide range of topics and abilities, from learning to how to deadlift, to the correct technique of hip thrusting and how this exercise can be a valuable addition to your training regime. These are provided free of charge to our members.

We also occasionally bring in guest speakers to host workshops, such as Andy Bolton, who visited us last year to spend the day improving our deadlift.

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