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Spartan Strength by Jack Lovett

Spartan Strength is the new book released by two-time British Natural Strongman Champion & World Natural Strongman competitor Jack Lovett, and is your complete guide to building serious strength for life.

Jack’s training system is the result of years of constant learning, hands on ‘in the trenches’ experience and frequent collaboration with elite level coaches across the world. This has seen Spartan being recognised as one of the UK’s Top 3 ‘Bucket List Gyms’ by Men’s Fitness and Coach magazine


Jack’s training methods are frequently featured in IronLife Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, The Daily Mail, MMA Uncaged and Train Hard Fight Easy Magazine. 

Currently Jack is dedicating his time consulting with athletes, clients and trainers from around Europe.

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Testimonials for Jack & Spartan Strength

01 Foundation movements

I cannot emphasise this enough – the set of exercises in this section are the most important collection of moves you will ever perform. How competent you are in these lifts will determine your strength training potential. If you skip this section or move on with flaws in your technique, you will be limiting your potential to develop strength further down the line.

02 Key Lifts

The lifts in this chapter are the ones that should form the backbone of your programmes for the rest of your strength training career. They are the most efficient moves and the ones that will allow you to get seriously strong. You can use these lifts for life, so you should always be looking to refine and improve your technique.

03 Loaded Carries

This chapter goes into the many benefits of loaded carries in detail. In short, they are an excellent tool for building strength, stability and an iron mind. It’s rare that a simple and accessible exercise such as the farmer’s walk is so rewarding in terms of strength benefits. That’s why I love them and why I want you to milk the moves in this chapter for everything they’re worth.

04 Power Training

Power training is vital to anyone who wants to get stronger. First, you can use these moves to ignite your central nervous system and maximise the potential of your training session. Second, you can use them to increase your rate of force development, which will have a positive carryover to your ability to shift heavy weights. This chapter contains the key power moves I want you to focus on.

05 Hypertrophy Exercises

You might wonder what hypertrophy-style exercises are doing in a strength book and the answer is simple: a bigger muscle has a greater potential to be a stronger muscle. But I don’t just want you to lift for show. All the exercises in this section have been selected because they are excellent assistance exercises that will help you to iron out any weaknesses in your key lifts.

06 Programme Design

In this chapter we bring together all the exercises and concepts we’ve covered in the rest of the book and give you an overview of how I would typically use them to structure a training session. I also outline how I would begin to build a progressive and periodised training plan so that you can take charge of your own strength training journey.

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