Anyone familiar with my training methods will know that I love both prowlers and sleds, and incorporate them into all client programmes irrespective of goal.

I was first exposed to these through one of my biggest influences – Louie Simmons. There were no UK suppliers back in 2002 so I had a fabricator make me a sled. This was 5 years before Spartan started to become a reality. Xmas Day 2003 I was pulling it uphill on grass ankle deep in snow (Shout out to my training partner Colin who was mad enough to join me). Since then I have used them on all surfaces in all conditions.

Much to my client’s delight we have switched a local field to indoor turf and upgraded our equipment from homemade to the very best in Watson Gym Equipment and A-Unit.

More importantly I have learnt from past mistakes that saw me use these invaluable tools to simply bury people. Those of you that have used these know how easily it is to induce what my mentor Joe Defranco called ‘prowler flu‘.  Whilst that may serve a purpose on the odd occasion, there are far more effective ways to incorporate these into your own training as well as that of your clients. Check out my article at IronLife magazine where I discuss in detail.


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