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Spartan Performance is a high performance, 6,000 sq ft gym based in the North East of England. Since 2009, we have delivered exceptional results for clients, varying from weight loss to elite level training.

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Having mentored with the world renowned Joe Defranco, since 2009 Spartan Performance is the only UK ‘Defranco Approved’ training facility.

Jack Lovett spartan performance strength training Britain's Natural Strongest Man

Jack Lovett

Jack Lovett is the owner and founder of Spartan Performance. For almost ten years, Jack has been dedicated to turning his clients into the best they can be, and his athletes into champions. He is also a competitive athlete, twice winning the British Natural Strongest Man competition and now competing in The World’s Natural Strongest Man.

He believes that whether you’re an athlete or a client, Spartan Performance is the perfect place to come and become the best you can be, achieved by implementing three key principles: smart programming, consistency and a hunger to succeed.

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